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so many calls for you to come back. i hope that you will. carol costello has your cnn newsroom. >> don is a generous guy. i admire that. >> i think he's making it up. >> have a great weekend. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, they are the elite of the elite. the best of the best. now several members of s.e.a.l. team six are in deep trouble. and it's all because of a video game. plus this -- >> waiting in line here, 8 1/2 hours, is not fun. >> you heard it. eight hours for gas. we'll take you inside the plan to get the east coast gas shortage under control. and in florida, election 2012 is not over yet. the rest of the country has moved on, but once again, florida just can't seem to get it together. got the munchies, colorado? quarterback peyton manning may be able to cure those off-the-field cravings.
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"newsroom" strt starts right n. and good morning. happy, happy friday to you. i'm carol costello. we peer over the nation's so-called fiscal cliff. it's a term you'll be hearing a lot more of. we're just 53 days from a series of extreme tax hikes and spending cuts. they're so severe both parties warn they could cripple the economy and trigger another recession. just a few hours from now, president obama underscores the urgency at the white house. his remarks could set the tone for upcoming negotiations with republican lawmakers. christine romans shows us how your money is in play. is your paycheck about to shrink? brianna keilar, three days after a bitter election, is either party really ready to budge? christine, nearly every american has money riding on this outcome, right? >> absolutely.
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the overall american economy does, too. let's talk about what the fiscal cliff is. starting in the beginning of the year because of a deal the congress did last year to raise the debt ceilings, all these things will go into play at the same time, big spending cuts, bush tax cuts expire, minimum tax cut goes away, payroll tax holiday goes away, unemployment benefits extension. whole bunch of things. middle income households making, say, $50,000 a year would see their tax bill rise $2,000. $2,000 for the year. immediately your paycheck, you would notice a change there o r overall, certainly in what you pay when you pay your taxes. this is the spending part of it. 8% to 10% cuts in budgets for everything you could think of, from the fda, centers to disease control, education, border patrol, cdc director has said this. 8% to 10% reduction will risk costy and deadly spread of disease and failures to prevent
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tragic and expensive health problems. yeah. this is something that really matters. a math problem between democrats and republicans is something that matters to everyone. so what are the fiscal cliff diving possibilities? they could just extend current policy for six months. we could just fall off the fiscal cliff, stocks dive and then congress would move immediately. and you could get a grand bargain on debt and did he haef reduction. brianna will have much more on that. that's the politics part of it. money part of it is that no one wants this to happen. there would be a recession, 9.1% unemployment by the end of the year according to the cbo. everyone would be hurt. washington has to get its act together. >> okay. i'm an optimist. if i wasn't, i would cry. christine romans, thank you. there's one thing standing between your wallet and that fiscal cliff. of course, it's the politicians. a few days after a bitter round of elections, can the president and republican lawmakers really find compromise? house speaker john boehner says he's ready to talk. >> talk about all kinds of
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things we may disagree on. i'm the most reasonable, responsible person here in washington. the president knows this. he knows that he and i can work together. now the election is over. now it's time to get to work. >> brianna keilar is at the white house. so, brianna, what do you expect president obama to say in this afternoon's remarks? >> reporter: carol, i think this is really going to be him sort of setting the scene and explaining to the american people what is at stake here, some of the things that christine outlined. we know that yesterday the cbo, congressional budget office put out a report saying that really the stakes here, that you could see the country sink into recession next year if we went off the fiscal cliff, that the unemployment rate could jump almost 2%. these are very serious things. this is post election. president obama's chance to kind of turn people's attention to this. and to urge congress to work together and to act. you heard him on tuesday night in chicago talking about the importance of working across the
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aisle. maybe he will talk more about that today. what's interesting is we don't really expect him to talk specifics. these are -- you know, your hearing a lot of concillatory language between democrats and republicans on the hill. and here at the white house. but you don't expect president obama to negotiate any of the specifics here in public today. and really one of the big tip-offs to that is that this is just a statement he's making. he's not taking questions from the press which obviously would open him up to a situation where maybe he couldn't control it as much as just saying his well-prepared piece and moving out of the room, carol. >> brianna keilar live outside the white house. we expect that to happen at 1:05. when it does, we'll take the president's remarks live. iran says it will respond decisively to any act of transgression. it comes after the pentagon says
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two iranian fighter jets shot the a u.s. drone aircraft. it happened last thursday in international air space east of kuwait, 16 miles off the coast of iran. at the time the predator drone with his on a routine maritime surveillance mission. pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins us now. could this be considered an act of war? >> the pentagon spokesman george little was asked that yesterday and he deferred. he said he wouldn't go there. look, make no mistake, carol, this raises tensions in the persian gulf, doesn't it? bullets flying through the air. this is not what anyone wants to see in this vital oil shipping lane area. the iranians this morning saying they will respond to any further transgressions. the u.s. insisting it was in international air space, routine surveillance mission. i think the question is, what happens if this does happen again? you know, nobody really knows. will the iranians take more aggressive action? will the u.s. military respond?
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it's very concerning because of the economic essentialness, the economic vitality of that very area, carol. >> barbara starr reporting live for us from the pentagon. also today, we could learn new details about the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. this pentagon briefing comes as lawmakers on capitol hill resume congressional hearings next week on the libyan attack. stevens and three others were killed on september 11th at the american consulate. the careers of seven members of s.e.a.l. team six are essentially over after they're busted for share iing informati with a video game maker. the seven active duty members were given a letter of reprimand and had their pay docked. it's all for helping the makers of the new video game medal of honor: warfighter. they spent two days as paid
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consult ants of electronic arts. a former navy s.e.a.l. member says when you join the s.e.a.l.s, you sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> did these guys disclose sensitive information to the extent it's going to damage operational capabilities or their fellow snc.e.a.l.s in the line of duty or anyone in special operations command? i don't think so. they brought certain pieces of kit to fruition, to -- they brought their kit and exposed it. >> members of the elite special forces unit still under investigation for this. cbs news says one of those punished was involved in the raid that killed bin laden. in response, ea, electronic arts, says, quote, we do not know if the veterans who consulted on the game were in contact with the department of defense. much more on this in the next hour of newsroom.
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11 days since superstorm sandy made landfall in new jersey. some residents are just now returning home to survey the damage. this is how one new jersey man described the moment he knew he had to leave his house. >> we rode out the storm until friday morning. friday morning i said i couldn't take any more because they turned the gas off. when they turned the gas off, that was the end for me. i told my wife i would walk across the bridge if i had to. >> and the problems with gas used to heat that man's home just part of the problem. new york and new jersey now rationing gasoline because of a shortage. susan candiotti has been following that part of the story in asbury park, new jersey. what's the plan for rationing? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you. new york city is finally taking a very good idea, good lead from governor christie here in new jersey, because new york city today is starting its own gas rationing, just like new jersey
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has been doing for the past week. so that is meant to help to try to alleviate the very long lines that continue to be seen time and again throughout new york city and all the burroughs as people are lining up to find gas stations that, a, have power enough to even pump the gas once they get it. new york is starting to use the same system they have in new jersey, the odd/even plan according to your license tag as to when you can gas up. again here in new jersey, they've been doing this for the past week. and as we have been driving around the last several days, we have not seen any gasoline lines, or very short ones anyway. governor christie at a news conference said he has discovered the same thing, so much so that he might decide to lighten up the rationing or get rid of it. here is what he had to say about it. >> there's order. there's easy access to gas. we're continuing to use the national guard to deliver gas to stations and counties that are
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displaying some type of still disruption in their supply lines. but i'm confident that by the weekend, i should be in a position to re-evaluate the odd/even system and decide whether it needs to go forward into next week. >> reporter: and i'll tell you, people, carol, who are in line in new york city this morning are already saying, thank goodness they're trying this. bus we need all the help we can get with these long gas lines. they're saying it could be another couple of weeks before they can get more power turned become on so more gas stations can open up in the city. >> susan candiotti, reporting live from new jersey. champion of gay rights, also the honorary president of the boy scouts, a group that bans gays. some people are demanding that the president step down from that honorary role. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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15 minutes past the hour,
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checking our top stories now. jared loughner has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for attempted assassination of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. mark kelly told the emotions inside the courtroom as loughner learned his fate. >> sitting there for the victim impact statements is a tough thing. gabby said afterwards for her the biggest emotion was just sadness, to hear story after story of what the impact of this horrible day had on people was really difficult. >> january 2011 shooting killed six people and wounded 13 others, of course, including giffords. british bishop who opposes same-sex marriage says he will examine his own thinking carefully on gay issues. church of england named justin wellby of the archbishop of
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kantcanterbury canterbury. retailer says customers can begin buying its doorbuster discounts online starting november 18th. the early dole hunting lasts two days, but it's only open to members of seri s of sears shop program. petitioning him to step down as the honorary president of the boy scouts of america, all because the scouts ban -- all because of the scouts' ban on openly gay members, a lesbian mom removed from her post as her son's den master earlier this year. right now more than 1,000 people have signed a new petition on it needs more than 70,000 before they'll submit it to the white house. greg thomas, campaigns manager with, who started the petition. good morning. >> how are you doing? >> i'm pretty good. president obama has denounced the boy scouts policies and the supreme court upheld the policy
6:17 am
in 2000. what would your petition accomplish? >> i think the petition would accomplish having president obama kind of practice what he's preaching. he is talking about not believing in their policy and thinking that, you know, it's not something they should be doing. if he's going to be honorary president of the boy scouts as a leader, he should -- their goal should align with his goals. if their goals don't align with his goals i don't think it's appropriate for him to be a leader of an organization. >> why the timing? why not do this in 2009 when obama started his first term? >> you know, petitions for us are new at we weren't doing petitions in 2009. for me, i hadn't actually been alerted to this issue until, you know, a few months ago when the boy scouts reexamined their policy and decided to go forward with it. so i think the timing with the president being re-elected, it's a perfect time. he's coming back into the presidency very strong. it's a perfect time to say, you know, you've stood up for gay
6:18 am
rights. i think it's time for you to practice what you're preaching. >> considering the boy scouts history with sexual abuse scandal, shouldn't that be a bigger issue in the president's mind? >> i don't think we should choose between the two issues. both issues are extremely important. i think both issues should be dealt with. and i just -- you know, one may be bigger than the other. but i think they should both be addressed. >> we did ask the boy scouts of america to join us for this discussion. they refused. but they did issue a statement. i'll read part of it from the boy scouts. >> sure. >> quote, the boy scouts respects everyone's right to express their opinion. we believe that god people can personally disagree on this topic and still work together to accomplish the common good. end quote. how do you interpret that? >> i would take it as a nice statement. i think that -- look, i was in the boy scouts my whole life. the boy scouts mean a ton to me. i feel like the whole issue here is that kids should not be told
6:19 am
that they can't be part of something because of something that has nothing to do with the content of their character. and i think that issue isn't really addressing that. i think they're doing great things. i still love the boy scouts. not as much as i used to. but it made me the person who i am. i think the main issue here is that it's just -- to tell kids that they can't be involved in something because of something that has nothing to do with who they are as a person is terrible. i think you're also teaching millions of kids who are learning life skills to make them into great young men, you're teaching them that exclusion is okay. it's really disappointing to me. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. we sure appreciate it. >> thank you. talk back question for you this morning, should obama or republicans blink on taxes? i'll be right back. and you pick the price that works for you. great. whoa, whoa, jamie. watch where you point that thing. [ mocking ] "watch where you point that thing." you point yours, i point mine.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big big stories of the day. should obama or republicans blink on taxes? why did we have an election? it didn't change anything. democratic president, republican house, democratic senate. bitter, bitter, bitter.
6:23 am
okay. i'm going to try to be more upbeat. i can't. because the bitterness is over the same old same old. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. >> on, mitch mcconnell piled on. i know some people out there think tuesday's results mean republicans in washington are now going to roll over and agree to democrat demands that we hike taxes before the end of the year. i'm here to tell them that there is no truth to that notion whatsoever, end quote. president obama campaigned on raising taxes of the wealthiest americans. his favorite line, we must all pay or faur shair share, even t taxing the wealthy won't solve the debt crisis. what does this all mean? we take our cue from "the prois price is right." that's right. because of this tire d argument
6:24 am
we could fall off the much talked about fiscal cliff. we're waiting. cop on, mr. yodeler. we should have started this sooner. you get the picture. talk back today, should obama or republicans blink on taxes? your responses later this hour. the ballots in florida not all counted yet. some of the races are coming down to the wire. will this act of florida's election history go so very wrong? the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential.
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just 53 days before the united states goes over the fiscal cliff. aren't you tired of hearing that term, fiscal cliff? i know i am. $7 billion sparking interest and concern over wall street. president obama will address the
6:28 am
crisis in his first public statement since his re-election later today. we're thinking about 1:00 pm eastern time. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what will wall street want to hear from the president? >> you just made me laugh. investors have heard enough talk on this. we have alleard enough talk on this. as investors go, they'll most likely not be satisfied until they hear there is a deal in the works. we don't expect to hear that today. that doesn't mean that the investors won't hear what the president has to say. the market has sent a strong message to the president and to congress since tuesday's election, listen, it's time to get to work. in terms of when wall street is focusing on today, the president's speech will be toward the bottom of the list. europe is still front and center with the greek parliament getting set this weekend and european finance ministers are
6:29 am
waiting to decide if greece gets another bailout. weak earnings from jcpenney and disney in the mix. get ready for another negative open. carol? >> so question for you, will the market take any deal on the fiscal cliff or is it looking for something specific? >> that's the question, isn't it? the market at this point is looking for some certainty. a permanent deal, meaning not just a band-aid on this issue. at this point i think they're going to take something over nothing. you look at these new congressional budget office projections and they're darn scary, predicting half a percent drop in gdp. unemployment rate would spike by the end of the year, doing damage to the stock market in a big way. the reality is, carol, wall street probably won't get everything it wants anyway. if wall street had its druthers, it would encourage companies to bring back profits from overseas, look for payroll taxes to encourage businesses to hire. getting any deal will certainly calm the markets as we wait for
6:30 am
the opening bell to ring and we'll have a negative start. >> just about to ring. ten more seconds. i know you'll keep an eye on it. >> will do. >> there it goes. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. the aloof president croix c publicly. thanking his staffers for their loyalty during a tough election. >> what you guys have done means that the work that i'm doing is important. and i'm proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. and, uh -- [ applause ] >> this is the second time we've seen obama's tears. he cried in iowa as his campaign for president wound down. we just hope the tears won't flow again as the president tries to negotiate a deal with
6:31 am
republicans to avoid that fiscal cliff. with us now, pete dominic, political talk show host on sirius xm radio and ana navaro, republican strategist. released a video of the president crying at the time when we need to see steely resolve. >> i don't think anyone can question his steely strength. he has ordered missiles to be shot in american's faces, auto bailout, chose joe biden as his vice president. that with his a tough choice. he was cutting onions just before that. he is allowed to show emotion once every eight years. and he is showing appreciation for those who worked so hard to
6:32 am
get him reelected. john boehner will cry the a kodak commercial. >> you can understand he needed some sort of relief. ana, the president has presented a different face today, this afternoon, when he talks about the economy. what must the president say in your mind? >> first of all, carol, i'm not sure that showing you can cry is not a very good tactic when you're about to go negotiate with john boehner, who is known for being the cry baby in congress. that's kind of part of his personality. it's a good thing they both come in, knowing that they can cry. what does he have to say? i think he has to reassure the american people he has been getting a lot of olive branches thrown to him by john boehner basically saying, look, we want to deal. we want to cooperate. we got the message. we understand we need to compromise. there are certain things i can't do but there are certain things i will do and many willing to do. i'm reasonable, responsible. come deal with me. i think the president will talk about the economy. i think he's going to talk about the importance of the fiscal
6:33 am
cliff, vis-a-vis the economy and not falling off that cliff. as some may be in post-election celebration and some may be in post-election depression, certainly most people agree we don't want to fall off a cliff and worsen the r en the recessi >> pete, ana says john boehner is offering these olive branches but -- >> he's not. >> because he's not offering any sort of negotiation over tax hikes on the wealthiest americans. >> and we've entered the theater of the abseurd. the president won, campaigned on raising taxes only for the wealthiest americans specifically and american people overwhelmingly support that in polls and the data shows it wouldn't have any affect on economic growth. congressional research service is nonpartisan wonk office said raising tacks on rich people don't hurt the economy. republicans censored that report. opinion, voting and daty shows this is the right thing to do. it's also what we call a balanced approach. the idea that we're not going to
6:34 am
put tax increases on the wealthiest americans and no one is arguing that's going to solve the problem but that's what's called a compromise. it's ridiculous. that's what overwhelmingly american americans support in polls. let's stop calling it a fiscal cliff. that's ben bernanke, the chairman of the fed, who did not see a housing bubble coming. it's a slope. it's a curve. it's not like the debt ceiling. >> pete just filibustered you, ana. >> i think he's completely wrong. and i think most experts are saying -- most responsible experts are saying, look, this is the last thing we need in the midst of a recovering economy. it's going to affect investment. it's going to affect hiring. it's going to affect psyche. it's going to affect the markets. i think it is the last thing -- business people are saying we don't want this. those are the guys that are driving investment, driving hiring. this would be also a very bad tone to set. if these two factions, the republicans, congress and the president cannot come to an agreement, it sends a very bad
6:35 am
omen for what will be the rest of the legislative agenda for a second obama term. it is a good thing to agree, pete. in my mind, it's a good thing to agree. it's very good the democrats don't have too much huberus and the republicans have a little humility. >> we've got to end it here. it was a fascinating discussion as usual. >> i love you, ana navarro. >> and i love you, pete dominic. let's agree on that. >> see that? >> i'm going to cry. >> see that? we're not divided. >> i'm going to cry and release my own video. thank you very much. just in to cnn major automotive recall that we need to pass along. chrysler is recalling some 745,000 jeep suvs from model years 2002 through 2004. the reason, the air bags are deploying accidentally. our business unit is working their sources to get more details on this. of course, as they get those details we'll pass them along to
6:36 am
you. peyton manning, some might say his latest business venture in colorado is an example of perfect timing. we'll explain, man.
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6:39 am
florida, florida, florida. election 2012 is still not over there. they've counted absentee ballots, but they're not done with provisional ballots just yet. this will factor into one of the most hotly contested congress n congressional races in the state of florida. it is too close to call between incumbent republican alan west and democrat patrick murphy. west is backed by the tea party. several of their prominent candidates, as you know, didn't make the cut. west feels it's very important for him to win. he refuses to concede. you may remember west because he made headlines on cnn when he said this. >> i believe there's about 78 to 81 members of the democratic party that are members of the communist party. >> okay. so he repeated that on cnn. west is fighting for every ballot to be counted and may
6:40 am
fight for a recount, something florida is famous for. cnn's ashleigh banfield experienced florida's election problems firsthand. you're up to speed on everything that's happening electionwoiz in florida. go for it, ashleigh. >> i have the sunburn to prove it. so, carol, we've all moved on, right? except florida is in the con undrum where they have to recount these ballots. it's so important to count every vote there. 500 and some votes determined the election between bush/gore in 2000. provisional ballots are still to be counted. absentees are done. they couldn't legally touch the provisional ballots until yesterday. and the officials, at least in miami dade, said they would have that all pretty much wrapped up by today, tomorrow by the latest most likely. certification, we all knew what that meant in 2000. that's not going to happen until the 20th. if allen west has issues or wants to deal with a recount, first of all, he has to meet a minimum standard of a very slim
6:41 am
margin by which you can actually have a recount. you probably would have to wait until the 20th to do that. but at this point it looks as though patrick murphy has got the lead. but you know how it is. nobody is going to call that little baby. >> i know. the other problem with florida, as you well know, were these long lines. >> yes. >> the government decided to limit the amount of early voting from 14 days to eight days. i know you've invited the governor on your show many times so he could answer these questions. florida, people shouldn't have to wait in line for four hours to vote. >> rick scott is taking a lot of heat for this. he was taking heat up until the election as well for all sorts of different changes that had taken effect in florida and the way they were going to vote. first of all, they truncated the number of days you could vote from 14 to eight. that caused problems for people. then, of course, there were these merged situations where some of these polling places had encompassed numerous polling places in one spot. then there were the privacy machines. many people complaining there
6:42 am
weren't enough of them. then the optical scanners were jamming. and then, of course, these extraordinarily long lines where people were casting ballots, carol, after we had called this race for the president. >> it's just awful. >> hey, but you know something? i'm glad you mentioned this issue about rick scott. while he has not yet agreed to come on the show, guess who will be on after your program with me. >> who? >> the secretary of state. no, not katherine harris, ken detzner now. 11:00 eastern with me to really face these hard questions. you know what? goes to the top of the chain. >> absolutely. ashleigh banfield, i'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thank you. nearly half a million people in new york still without power more than a week after sandy hit. the state's governor is fed up, calling out the power companies. [ "odd couple" theme plays ] humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans.
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which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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45 minutes past the hour.
6:46 am
good morning and happy friday. i'm carol costello. some new video of the pakistani teenager, malala, one month after her attempted assassination. her father says she's been inspired and humbled by the thousands of cards and messages and gifts she's received. she was shot in the head and neck after speaking out against the taliban. the road to recovery slow after 600,000 people still without power, 11 days after superstorm sandy came roaring through. new york's governor lashed out at those responsible for getting things back on track. you pay a person for service. they were specialized in doing this. and whoa paid them and we gave them a franchise because they represented themselves as experts at doing this. and they failed. and they should be held accountable for their failure. >> talking about the utility companies. cuomo is also calling for an upgrade of the city's power grids. lines may have been very
6:47 am
long. turnout estimates for the 2012 election were lower than in previous years. according to the center of the study of the american elect orate, 57% of eligible voters exercised that right on tuesday, down from 62.3% in 2008 and three points down from 60% who turned out in 2004. still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. and now when you come in, you can trade up to get a total value of $8,000 on a 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition. from outstanding value to standing the test of time, chevy runs deep.
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♪ ralph sacrificed more than just his service to our country. he sacrificed his blood. >> my dad, ralph w. bingham, a veteran of the first world war, the big war. >> for that sackaririfisacrific awarded our nation's medal purple heart. >> we had it for many years in my home where i grew up. >> unbeknownst to us, it was lost in some manner in one of his moves later in his life. >> i found private ralph bingham's medal on craigslist. i locate lost or stolen medals.
6:50 am
these are all the purple hearts i'm currently working. some i've located the families. some i haven't. i do time, i don't consider it a hobby, it's more of a calling and honor. a lot of times they put it in a shoe box under the bed and gets misplaced and they lose it. i myself have a purple heart. it hangs on the wall in my mother's home. and i would hope that one day if my medal was lost, you know, someone would do the same thing for me and my family. >> it is truly an honor to bring private bingham's purple heart home to his family and i am truly humbled by his sacrifice. it is a great honor to bring home his purple heart. thank you very much. >> the medal means a lot to me. especially. and to our family. >> so that's that. that's the purple heart. >> there it is. i remember seeing it as a girl growing up. my mother kept it in a certain spot in the dining room. >> and to see how appreciative
6:51 am
they were was a tremendous feeling. i'm glad it's home to where it belongs, and i'll move on to the next medal. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
6:52 am
military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. tiger woods bounced back this season on the links, but failed to win a major. now at 33 years old, still trails jack nicholas by four career titles. but tiger thinks he can beat jack jack's record. here's what he told shane owe
6:53 am
donahue in an interview. >> how desperate are you to get the next major? >> it would be nice. it's been four years now since i won a major championship. and i've been there with chances over those four years, but would like to get another one, no doubt. >> the whole emphasis on jack's 18 is a question that has to be asked every time. but you still see it as a realistic goal to surpass 18? >> absolutely. don't forget, it took him to 46. you know? so you know, with the finished regime and staying -- eating properly and staying in shape, i can play for a very long time. so i'm looking forward to that opportunity. >> shane o donahue joins us from dublin. what were your impressions of tiger? he seems to have regained his swagger. >> i think there's no doubt about that, and good morning to you, carol. he looks very relaxed. he certainly was very relaxed in rory's company. but i do think, and i agree, that he is feeling a lot more comfortable.
6:54 am
and he's overall over all of his injuries and trying to add to 14 majors. it's not really worked out that this year, but wasn't able to close the deal over the weekend. but he looks confident. and he certainly is acting like a man, you know, who knows what he wants and feels that he can achieve it. although it's a tall order to try and match jack nicholas' record, he has the best chance of everyone. but he needs to win five more majors, which as jack himself has said is a good career for anyone else. >> wow. i saw rory mcilroy sitting there. you also interviewed him. let's listen to what he told you about his relationship with tiger. >> yeah, it's great. tiger and i have gotten to know one another a little bit over the past 12 months. i think we have a lot of things in common. we're both huge sports fans and
6:55 am
have a lot of things to talk about. and i think just from there, you know, our relationship is -- has evolved. kind of battled each other a few times, but i think it -- as rory was eluding to, we have a lot in common. and granted, there is an age difference, but still a relationship will certainly grow. and over the years, but also our competitiveness, i don't think that's going to change. >> why must they be friends? i would want to beat the other guy. but rory is the new hot thing, right? do you think he'll end his career among the all-time leaders in major titles? >> i think there's every chance, carol. at least he's not putting himself under the same pressure that tiger woods did when he turned professional, because he always had jack's major tally in his sights, and he spoke publicly about that, and it's become this -- you know, it's become this big thing now, will he be able to match 18, and will he be able to surpass and get to 19. rory is not under that spotlight or pressure. people are reveling in his
6:56 am
talent, he's a likeable guy. but he's realistic, he wants to win major championships but not putting an absolute total on it. so it will be very enjoyable watching them battle it out. there doesn't appear to be any venom between them. they almost seem too friendly at this stage, but it's good to see at the moment and certainly they're giving a lot of spotlight to the game in far-flung corners of the world and also on the major golf tours. >> you got that right. shane owe donahue, thanks very much. should president obama or the republicans blink-on taxes? your response is next. but not from germany. ♪ a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, but it's not from japan. ♪ it's a car like no other... inspired by a place like no other. introducing the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu, our greatest malibu ever.
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crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. [ female announcer ] crestor is not right for everyone. like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. ♪ is your cholesterol at goal? talk to your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. all right. the talkback question today. should obama or the republicans blink on taxes. this from david. he says it's about time all politicians only consider their oath to us, to the people, to do the right thing and put all options on the table to solving our problems. it's about time -- i said that. okay. this is from judy. who we the people voted.
7:00 am
obama campaign partly on increasing taxes on the wealthy. both should act in behalf of people and stop acting like children in a sand box. i'm just glad we have enough gridlock to prevent progress, smiley face. keep the conversation flowing. the next hour of "newsroom" starts right now. stories we're watching now in the "newsroom." s.e.a.l.s in trouble. seven members of the elite navy special forces unit caught helping the maker of a video game, that one right there. we'll talk with a navy s.e.a.l. straight ahead. a plan to cut back on the long lines at the pump begins working. new york begins to ration gas and lines go away. apple who? samsung takes the reins from the iphone for the title of the world's best-selling smartphone. and the locker room or the delivery room? should an nfl player pick his family over his team?
7:01 am
"newsroom" starts now. good morning, and happy, happy friday to you. the weekend is finally here. it's been a long week, hasn't it? i'm carol costello, thanks for being with us. we begin this hour with video games. they should be harmless, but for seven members of the navy s.e.a.l. team six, a certain video game could be killing their career. this is that video game, "medal of honor war fighter." members of the elite special forces unit have been issue reprimands because the military says they were paid consultants for the game without permission. this game is in stores now and producers claim it's different because of the realism. they needed that help from the navy s.e.a.l.s. christopher mark hebin is a former member of s.e.a.l. team eight and joins us now. welcome. >> thank you for having me, carol. >> have you watched this game?
7:02 am
>> i have. i've played it. it's not very -- it's not extremely authentic. as a matter of fact, i don't even think the game is doing that well right now. >> no, i don't think it is either. so what in there is making the pentagon angry? >> well, i think it's two-fold. first, they didn't ask for permission. they got paid. and they did i you will have divulged pieces of information with respect to gear and equipment we use that could be looked upon as a breach of operational security. some of the devices and pieces of equipment that were divulged to the game creators are things that are sensitive. these are very high-price, high continue ticket items that expand our capabilities in a combat environment. they cannot be obtained and fall under itar protocol for the u.s. government. so we don't have to worry about them falling into enemy hands. so i think they're just worried about they divulged anything about the equipment and didn't ask for permission and got paid,
7:03 am
as well. >> so let me ask you about that part of the equation. because i know we don't pay our military enough. and that's just true. that's just true for what they give for their country. >> very true. >> but the navy s.e.a.l.s, these are a special unit. they have a reputation to uphold. so why go out and take this chance? >> well, as s.e.a.l.s, we would never give any information that would put ours or our comrades at risk, no matter what branch of service they're in. so we know exactly what to say and what not to say. so i think they wanted to make the game as authentic as possible without giving away the farm. they didn't talk about tactics or techniques or procedures. they just showed some pieces of equipment. they didn't say how they were used. maybe they consulted of layouts of, you know, different maps on the game. >> well, but this is what i'm talking about. i mean, they did this to make money, right? they have this reputation to uphold. and it seems that members of our elite forces are doing that more and more.
7:04 am
there was a book written about it by a navy s.e.a.l., a lot of controversy about that. and now these video games. so does something need to be done? >> well, you know, carol, i think -- i think it's been a knee-jerk reaction from the department of defense, specifically the navy. because of the mark owen book, "no easy day." you've got an intimate and accurate and personal depiction of tier 1 s.e.a.l. units and what these guys do on a daily basis. very accurate. so i think they needed to stem the tide of information being released. so they brought the full force of the department of justice in the form of the fbi on to team 6. now, as far as i've heard, this has never been done before. we're not focusing on what's important here. we still have the northeast part of the country ravaged in the aftermath of hurricane sandy with no power or water, and now we've got a benghazi incident that's going to come out and get ugly after the congressional hearings kick back up next week. so we're focusing on a video game right now, and as far as i
7:05 am
know, of all the taliban and al qaeda compounds we've taken over in the last ten years, we have never found a first-person shooter video game there. none. we found a lot of porn. no video games. so this is not going to be used as a tool to aid al qaeda in the taliban in their trista agendas. it's not a training or recruiting tool. it's silly. this is a knee jerk reaction. and ten years ago, the navy gave full access to david sears of soft studios in north carolina to all their equipment and men and materials to make a video game. so it seems like they just changed the rules overnight and guys got caught up in that gray change area, and they're paying for it. patriots are losing careers. >> that's right. because some of them will lose their careers because they certainly can't get a promotion after this. thank you so much for sharing your insight. i appreciate it. christopher mark evan, former member of seal team 8. all right. this just in to cnn.
7:06 am
the national highway traffic safety administration says chrysler is crawling more than 700,000 jeep suvs, because air bags are going off by accident. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. this seems to be a serious problem. >> it does seem that way. just so you know, we don't have that number confirmed yet, the 700,000. here's what we do know. the national highway traffic safety administration has announced the recall of some 2002 and 2003 jeep liberty suvs and some 2002-2003 and 2004 jeep grand cherokees. what these are being recalled for is a faulty component in the air bag that could make the air bag deploy out of nowhere while you're driving the car. nhtsa is investigating this, had reports of air bag deployment that caused 50 people to suffer cuts and bruises. the administration says chrysler is notifying owners affected. it's going to notify them beginning in january, and fix the problem free of charge.
7:07 am
if you're an owner of one of these vehicles, you can also contact chrysler at 1-800-247-9753. carol? >> we'll repeat that number later on on our show and have it on banners. go ahead. >> i want to add one thing. you're maybe wondering why they're waiting until january to notify everybody. this is a recall. and we called that number up there on the screen and they told us that it takes dealerships six to eight weeks so they'll wait for parts to come in before owners are notified. it's a recall, not such an emergency that you have to rush to the dealer right away. >> okay. you can tweet that number out, huh? >> i will. >> thanks, alison kosik, reporting live for us. the iranian military is responding to a story cnn broke first. iran says it took decisive actions which include shoot being at a u.s. drone aircraft that entered iranian air space last week. but the pentagon says the drone was over international waters. >> we believe this is the first
7:08 am
time that an unmanned aircraft has been shot at over international waters in the arabian gulf. >> is that an act of war? >> i'm not going to get into legal labels. >> well, the iranian military missed. the predator drone was not hit. barbara starr has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: carol, this morning iran is saying it will respond to what it calls any u.s. military aggression inside its waters or its air space. but according to the pentagon, the entire incident took place in international air space over the persian gulf. 16 miles off the coast of iran, and, of course, 12 miles is the international limit. the pentagon says that two iranian su-25 jets fired their guns on a u.s. air force drone conducting routine but classified surveillance over the persian gulf. the drone was not hit, it turned back, trying to turn away from iran, and the pentagon says the
7:09 am
two iranian jets continued to chase it, circling around it, and tried to continue to fire. the question now is, this is the first time this has happened. what is iran really up to? are they just trying to cause trouble, are they really trying to start a shooting war over the persian gulf? this is a question for intelligence analysts to which there is no real answer right now. we are told. but it definitely raises tensions in a very critical part of the world. those oil shipping lanes, heavy commercial air traffic through that region. this is not a place where anyone wants to see a shooting war erupt. carol? >> barbara starr reporting from the pentagon this morning. new york still digging out this morning after a one-two punch of a superstorm and nor'easter, both storms complicated by the fact that 282,000 people still don't have any power. and that's got governor andrew cuomo blasting the utility companies. >> you pay a person for service.
7:10 am
they were specialized in doing this. and we paid them and we gave them a franchise, because they represented themselves as experts at doing this. and they failed. and they should be held accountable for their failure. >> but new york is solving at least one of its problems. those long lines at the gas station. new york's mayor michael bloomberg proposing a solution that worked in new jersey. gas rationing. >> only 25% of our gas stations, we estimate, are open. drivers are still facing long lines, frustrations are only growing. and it now appears that there will be shortages for possibly another couple weeks. the best way, we think, to cut down the lines and help customers buy gas faster to help gas stations stay open longer, and to reduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days that drivers can purchase gas. >> so far, as i said, it seems to be working. these are new pictures coming into us from new york.
7:11 am
you see? doesn't seem like any problem with that gas station. but this is a far cry from the long lines we saw last week. roger clark is a reporter for new york 1 in new york city. so roger, this is the first day of the new plan. smooth going? >> reporter: that's definitely an adventure here, carol, no doubt about it. let's check out behind me where mcginnis boulevard and green point, very busy, you can get to the 59th street bridge, and as you can see, a police officer is standing in front of that line. that left lane over there, or the right lane, if you face the other way, is the gas line heading into the station where i'm standing on the corner now. so far, it seems to be working. early on, it went into effect at 6:00 this morning. and there were some people in line who either didn't hear about it or were trying to beat the 6:00 deadline. police officers went up and down the line and said, sorry, you're out of luck. today is an odd day, so you have
7:12 am
to have your last -- last number has to be an odd number or else you got the boot off the line. also, if you have a letter, you can do it. there is also some exemptions like commercial vehicles, taxis, delivery cabs and if you're a doctor and have an md plate, you're okay too. so far, people are abiding by the rules. this line is slower because the pumps aren't moving as fast. so far, nypd keeping things in order at this gas station and then all over town. >> that's so nice to hear. roger clark, thanks for filling us in, new york 1. we appreciate it. peering over the edge of the fiscal cliff. your wallet at stake. the clock is ticking. can washington really muster the political will to compromise?
7:13 am
the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you.
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15 minutes past the hour. in just a few hours, president
7:16 am
obama will walk you to the edge of the so-called fiscal cliff. that's the doom's day description of budget cuts and tax hikes set to automatically kick in january 1st. government bean counters say the economic jolt could send us into a recession unless washington can find a compromise. but just a few days after a bitter round of elections, is anyone really ready to budge? >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. putting increased revenues on the table, but through reforming our tax code. and i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem, and trying to secure our entitlement programs. >> sound familiar? chief business correspondent ali velshi is going to crunch the numbers for us, and brianna keilor is weighing in on the politics side. so brianna, the president is due to speak in the white house in just a few hours. what do you expect him to say? >> reporter: you put that, that
7:17 am
he'll walk us to the edge of the fiscal cliff. i think he is going to lay out the consequences what it would mean to go over, which are very dire. we understand from the congressional budget office that it would mean going into a recession. you would see unemployment tick up about 2%. so he's going to do that. he'll urge congress to act. he'll be talking more in generalities than specifics. but we do know that his plan for deficit reduction and tax reform and then tackling entitlements back in 2011 included some things like cutting the deficit by $4 trillion, $2.50 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue raised, reducing medicare and medicaid spending. so entitlement reform there and reducing corporate tax rates and closing loopholes. the thing, though, is you're kind of -- i imagine wondering, well, john boehner is saying this, president obama is saying that. how is there any way for them to meet in the middle? well there may be a way to increase revenue without actually increasing tax rates. if you were to close loopholes
7:18 am
and deductions, for instance, this is one way that republicans will tell you there's a way that you wouldn't actually increase the tax rates. but you could create more tax dollars. so there may be some common ground. but we're very far from figuring out exactly what that would look like, and certainly it's not something that could be tackled just in a few weeks, carol. >> you're probably sadly right about that. brianna keilar reporting live from the white house this morning. now let's turn to ali velshi. ali, we've heard the dire warnings, but there are options to at least minimize the impact. so please share. >> reporter: all right. so the first one is to kick the can down the road, as we say. come up with a temporary fix that doesn't allow us to face all these expirations of deductions and increases in tax, for let's say six months. and i'm just inventing that number, because people like six months. it might be a year or three months. number two, fall off the cliff, which some people are advocating we do. guess what will happen then? stocks will take a nosedive. we're already seeing rough
7:19 am
trading days with stocks. and like the debt limit, like the t.a.r.p., that will probably force congress to act, because stocks diving are always tough for people. number three is the one that brianna was just talking about, and that john boehner was just talking about. what we call the grand bargain. the thing that president obama and to his credit, john boehner tried to achieve last time around. here's the problem. you know this, carol. there are more than 200 members of congress who have signed this ridiculous pledge by americans for tax reform run by grover norquist that says not only can there be no net tax increase in personal or corporate tax rates, but that eliminating deductions counts as a tax increase. so based on what grover norquist has made these congressmen sign, what john boehner says can't happen. so i'm not sure what john boehner is going to come up with, and he's going to talk very shortly. i hope it's something substantive. because if they break that pledge, the americans for tax reform, which is funded by crossroads, gps, karl rove,
7:20 am
super pac, amongst others, have pledged to make sure these people don't get re-elected. remember, president obama doesn't need to be re-elected now. >> i was going to say, mitt romney lost, and more than half the country thinks maybe taxes should be raised on the wealthiest americans and maybe some americans should put aside their pledges. >> reporter: well, i'm talking to grover norquist later today to see if that's the case. they are stick to go it. the bottom line is between the americans for tax reform and the tea party element that is still prepared to run candidates in the next election against people who break their pledges. this is very hard for congressmen and this has become, you know, the way the world works now. it's all about the next campaign. so unfortunately, there are people standing -- let's be clear about this. there are a lot of people in washington who are prepared to negotiate. but there are a group of republicans who cannot compromise, because when you compromise to make a deal, you have got to actually give up something you believe in. and they have signed a pledge that they will not build -- give this up. so something has got to give, and i tell you, carol. if they don't compromise, whether it's the markets or the american people, someone will
7:21 am
force a decision on them. >> it's just, you know -- it's the same old tired argument. it's just the same old, same old. >> reporter: it's really exhausting. >> you're right. we're going to think about happy things, because it's friday. thanks, ali, have a great weekend. >> see you, carol. stim ahead, a question for you this morning. and it has to be about taxes, right? should obama or republicans blink on taxes, i'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning,
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7:24 am
now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question this morning, should obama or republicans blink-on taxes? why did we have an election? it didn't change anything. a democratic president or a republican house, a democratic senate. bitter, bitter, bitter. okay, it's friday, i'm going to try to be more upbeat. no, i can't, because the bitterness is over the same old, same old. >> tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. >> on, republican mitch mcconnell piled on, quote, i know some people out there think tuesday's results think republicans in washington are now going to roll over and agree to democrat demands we hike tax rates before the end of the year. i'm here to tell them, there is
7:25 am
no truth to that notion whatsoever. end quote. as you well know, president obama campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. his favorite line, we must all pay our fair share. even though taxing the wealthy will not solve our debt crisis. what does this mean? we take our cue from "the price is right." ♪ that's right. because of this tired argument, we could fall off the fiscal cliff. so the "talkback" question for you this morning. should president obama blink on taxes? your responses later this hour. chicago bears' quarterback charles tillman got pushed back for suggesting he might miss a game if his wife went into labor and had a baby! we'll talk about that. questions?
7:26 am
7:27 am
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it's just about 30 minutes past the hour. good morning to you, happy friday, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us. some relief today for new yorkers standing for hours in line as they wait for gas. thanks to shortages sparked by superstorm sandy. drivers with license plates ending in even numbers can buy gas on even numbered days of the month. those with plates ending in odd numbers will buy on odd-numbered days. the rationing is in response to a gas shortage following the storm. >> the first public speech on the state of the economy, $7 trill mix of spending cuts and tax hikes ma mean believe could throw the u.s. economy into a recession next year. we expect the speech to take place at 1:00 p.m.
7:30 am
members of the syracuse basketball team will not face charges. bernie fine is accused of molesting boys years ago. investigators spent a year interviewing witnesses but the u.s. attorney's office in northern new york says there is not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges and, yes, the case is now closed. guess what? there is a new number one in the smartphone market and it's not this one. samsung's galaxy s3 taking over the lead from apple's iphone making it the world's best-selling smartphone. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. no wonder apple's stock is going down. >> reporter: well, part of it. you know, samsung better enjoy wearing the crown, because it's not going to last long. it's for the moment, so, yeah, samsung wins the top-selling smartphone of the year award, according to strategy an lit
7:31 am
particulars. the apple iphone 4s finished a close second. here's the reason, why the s3 took the top spot, because the iphone 5 came out late in the third quarter. it took sales away from the 4s, and because of that, samsung's reign is going to be short lived. the iphone 5 is expected to overtake the galaxy this quarter, because everybody rushed out to buy the iphone 5. still the reality is, carol, apple faces a lot of competition in this smartphone market. apple only has 13% of the smartphone market share. you know, that may sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the 50% share apple has in the tablet market. carol? >> alison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. thanks so much. things are going great for charles tillman right now. think about it. the cornerback chicago bears' team has a 7-1 record heading into sunday night's big game with the texans. should be an awesome game, right?
7:32 am
tillman and his wife jackie are also about to celebrate the birth of their child. but timing is everything. and tillman told a chicago radio station if his wife went into labor, he would miss the game. that prompted a protest from mike florio at pro football talk. this is mike's quote. this may not be the most popular position in the world, but i fall into the this is the life we have chosen category. he goes on to say, guys who are overseas don't get to fly home if they have a spouse going into labor, and they get paid a heck of a lot less money. carlos diaz is here from hln. ooh. >> i love your response. ooh. is like what a lot of women are saying about mike florio right now. he's echoing the old-school football mentality of war! they can't come back from war. so a football player shouldn't do this. that's not the way we are anymore. we understand that football is a game, okay? this is the birth of your child. and let me point out something that a lot of people are not pointing out, okay? first off, charles tillman is an amazing family man.
7:33 am
and he had a daughter in 2008 who had to have a heart transplant when she was a baby. so obviously, his wife is concerned, you know, with any pregnancy she has. and so he's a doting dad to three other children he has with his wife jackie. and he wants to be there for the birth of his child. now, the bears -- chicago bears football is like religion in chicago. so when the bears are, you know, at the top of their division as they are, they have the second-best record in the nfc and playing the team with the best record in the afc, and then, of course, this is going to be a huge game. and bears fans are like, your wife is going to go into labor? and? you know, they want him there. so a lot of bears fans are -- a lot of unmarried bears fans are saying he should be there. but, of course, the majority of sane-minded people are saying it's a baby. it's the birth of your child, miss the game. >> well, what are you supposed to do? like, time-out the pregnancy? >> that's one of the comments mike florio made, where he kind of said, basically, you need to
7:34 am
time -- you need to time the time that your wife gets pregnant, these nine-month expenditures or something like that, to the time you're in the off season. you know, you -- well, okay. that's great. but that's old-school ways of thinking. whereas now it's different for football these days. and no one -- and especially lovie smith, who is the coach of the bears, he is one of the nicest coaches in the nfl, one of the most caring coaches of the nfl, he fully supports charles tillman. >> although -- >> yes. >> and i understand that tillman tweeted to espn radio's "mike & mike" in the morning and he said, god, family football. babies come monday, don't worry, i'll be there sunday. >> if the labor happens sunday, he'll be there, you know, for the birth of his child. >> i love charles tillman now. >> i got a tweet earlier from some guy going, but carlos, i've got money on the game! so for you, you should have considered the baby factor before you hit up vegas there. >> carlos diaz, thanks as
7:35 am
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38 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. of the clock is ticking on the fiscal cliff, and all of america wondering if congress and the president can get a deal done in time. both john boehner and president obama will speak publicly on the issue today, with just 53 days to go until the dead line. in money news, more problems for jcpenney, under pressure after posting a $203 million loss in the third quarter. jcpenney going through a massive overhaul, including a plan to add boutiques, its stock trading down almost 4% this morning. amazing pictures out of australia. this big black cloud was recorded by the australian
7:39 am
bureau of meteorology. forecasters say it was on its way to becoming a tornado, but it didn't quite get there. many storm victims here are returning home, but their lives are far from returning to normal. they're finding destruction much worse than they feared. cnn's susan candiotti accompanied one couple on their return home to pelican island, new jersey. >> reporter: with sandy's storm clouds, she evacuated but her husband bill stayed behind. >> rode out the storm until friday morning. friday morning, i said i couldn't take anymore, because they turned the gas off. when they turned the gas off, that was the end for me. i told my wife, i would walk across the bridge if i had to, but i was getting off. >> reporter: armed with a police pass, the retired new jersey fire chief, married to wife sue for 23 years, joined other residents allowed back on
7:40 am
pelican island for a few hours to take stock of the devastation. >> what a sight, huh? >> yeah, they broke in -- just everything is just broken down, yeah. >> it's my boat. >> this is his boat. >> reporter: ripped from a lift behind the house, the storm surge swept his boat into the street. inside the house, the couple gets a look at breathtaking damage. sue, for the very first time. >> oh. oh, my god. >> this house was spotless. >> reporter: marks on the ceiling show how buy waves got inside. >> when the water was up over my knees, i thought i might be able to save something. so i put the chairs up on the top of the table. didn't do any good. >> reporter: as things got even worse, bill retreated upstairs to the couple's bedroom overlooking the bay, and huddled with his retriever, blink.
7:41 am
>> never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: their dream retirement home is in shambles, but with all they lost, sue is grateful she didn't lose bill. >> the house is stones and bricks and windows and glass. i thought i lost him. and that would have been -- losing him would have just devastated me. i wouldn't have known how i would have gone on if it i had lost him. >> come down here and expect to live the rest of your life calm and in peace, and in one fell swoop, everything washed away. >> reporter: even knowing the danger of riding out a storm, he decide behind with the hope of salvaging something meaningful and valuable. but as a former fire chief, he recognizes, nothing is worth that kind of risk. susan candiotti, cnn, pelican island, new jersey. capella university understands rough economic times
7:42 am
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7:45 am
we need to see our craig. >> why, thank you. >> you caught me. now here's your prize. the latest thing from my local toy store. it's called radio. >> as you probably could tell, i really like daniel craig. that's the new james bond flick, "skyfall" exploding in theatres everywhere today. after much anticipation, people are guaranteed to see some thrilling 007 action skeenls. michelle turner joins us live from los angeles and has a pretty cool villain, too. >> reporter: yeah, definitely. what's wrong with scottie, carol? teasing a girl like that. >> i know. >> exactly, it's friday. you have got to give a girl what she needs friday. you were talking about this movie, and "skyfall" could be the biggest bond movie ever. experts are saying it could have the biggest opening weekend in
7:46 am
the franchise's 50-year history. this new bond film expected to make 75 to $85 million this weekend. now, there have been some mixed reviews of the movery, but roger moore has publicly been calling it the best bond movie ever. and since he played bond in seven films, i think he has a right to his opinion, right? a few months ago, roger moore wrote a book about bond and said sean connery was his favorite bond but after seeing "skyfall" says daniel craig is the best ever. there are a lot of people who say craig is the best-ever, but he's definitely winning people over. case in mind, myself. >> yeah. it's i could just watch it without the sound. but that's another story. let's talk about another kind of man that would be abraham lincoln. >> reporter: yeah. that's a switch. >> but i can't wait for this movie to come out either. >> reporter: yeah, well, you're not going to have to wait long.
7:47 am
because it's opening in limited release this weekend. it's going to go in wide release next week. and this is one of the movies out there that is attracting some award buzz, primarily for star daniel day lewis who plays the president. now, i've seen people saying that lewis' version is the most convincing and authentic lincoln ever. i'm not sure how people know that. but anyway, authenticity is very important to people behind the film from director steven spielberg, through the entire cast, to the award-winning screen writer, tony kushner. carol, we were at the film's premier tonight, and talked about how kushner made sure the movie was as accurate as it could be. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i think it was extremely accurate. if -- have you had a chance to talk to mr. kushner? >> not yet. >> yeah, so -- i hope you do. because i got to sit in with him on some of the press conferences he did, and just listen to him speak at length about the research he did.
7:48 am
and he learned a lot. he's staggeringly intelligent man and writer. and what's amazing, he's actually not, you know, an academic historian. he's like a player who knows how to tell a story. >> now, you know, we just talked about the fact that the movie is opening in limited release, carol. and just in case you're confused, this lincoln, no vampires in this film. so you don't have to worry about that one. >> that was a little too much for me. i couldn't see that. >> reporter: me too. >> but every other movie about abraham lincoln and i think i've read every book on the man. so i can't wait. thanks, michelle. you made my morning. >> absolutely. have a good weekend, doll. >> you too. watch "showbiz tonight," 11:00 eastern on hln. should obama or republicans blink on taxes? your responses next. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
7:49 am
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you know, i just can't describe how many angry people there are on long island, new york. new yorkers are furious, because they still don't have power. they've now gathered outside an oceanside elementary school. this is in nassau county, long island. they gathered outside the school to make sure the utility companies are hearing them. this is what they said. >> it's been two weeks without electricity. the electric lines are down and so are the communication lines are down, as well. we are here. ladies and gentlemen, where is lipa? where is lipa? where is lipa? where is lipa? they are the only ones who can can turn on your electricity. the town can't, the state can't, lipa is the only entity that can turn on your electricity. where are they?
7:53 am
they won't talk to us. we call them every day. they won't give us one answer. last night, i spoke to the head of lipa and said, "do the people south of meric road need electrical inspections." simple question. and the ceo said, "i can't give you an answer." >> okay. so she's not the oh only one angry. the governor of the state of new york, andrew cuomo is also angry. he's telling utility companies, where are you? people are paying for a service that they're not getting. maybe something ought to be done. there will be much more about this story in the hours to come on cnn. and throughout the weekend, we'll also have a report on it on monday here in the "newsroom." all right. the "talkback" question today, should president obama or republicans blink on taxes.
7:54 am
we americans need to realize one thing. as long as we have conflicting ideas what america needs, nothing will be solved. this from shannon. the president needs to put his foot down. the republicans are afraid they'll loose supporting moneys from the big oil companies. this from even, we need to raise taxes and lower spending/enti e spending/entitlemen spending/entitlements. this from jake. republicans should not blink. if they give in, they might as well switch parties. this from lisa. it seems like since obama was elected, it's clear what most americans want, meaning obama's tax plan. this from rob. the whole key to raising revenue is jobs. if you took all of the wealthiest americans' money, it wouldn't last more than a few months. please keep the conversation going., and thanks, as always, for your comments. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
7:55 am
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7:58 am
imagine a washington without gridlock. imagine it. i'm not talking about the nation's capital, but a town in nearby virginia hoping its name sake gets its act together. cnn's tom foreman paid a visit. >> reporter: just an hour outside d.c., people in the small town of washington, virginia spent months waiting to see what the election would bring their way. and many, like cabinet-maker peter cramer, say they didn't much care about whether the democrats or republicans would win, just as long as the creeping economy starts racing again. >> i'm saying, it's both of us. and, yeah, somebody fix it. let's get some people in washington who want to sit down and say let's solve the problem, and stop the gridlock. >> reporter: next door at the
7:59 am
stoniman gourmet farmer's cafe, susan james spent the run up to the election feeling much the same way. >> certainly, the economy has changed the way we've conducted business. and it's changed decisions we've made. major decisions. >> reporter: instead of expanding her family-owned business, she kept a close eye on cost, steered clear of debt, and watched the electoral process play out. what is it that you most want to see from washington, d.c.? >> leadership and stepping up. the game of passing the buck, blaming the other guy, it sounds as if the way my brother and i used to fight when we were 7 years old. and people know, we don't want that. >> reporter: it was that way all over town before the election. many, like jewelry-maker kate lynn mullen were unsure what would happen with taxes, jobs -- >> i think a lot of people are just scared to commit a large amount of money to anything, whether it be a

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